Jul 30, 2010

DORC Episode 4

Show Notes

BP's profits

David Cameron in India and Turkey

Shitterton’s sign problem

Dorset Police get over excited

NICE warning

Plastic Bertrand


The story from the inside of the Dorset Evening Echo was true,


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Jul 26, 2010

DORC Episode 3

Show Notes

David Cameron “Junior Partner

George Osborne’s Claims

Daily Star Apology

Ferrari Cheating

Jeremy Hunt/BBC

Tony Haywood Might Resign

Super Massive Star


Jul 23, 2010

DORC Episode 2

Show Notes

The Mercury music

The Farnborough air show and laser

British Crime Survey

Dick Cheney’s Heart Pump.

Sandra Bullock’s restraining order

The Times online readership

BP photoshop pictures and lobbied for prisoner release.


Jul 19, 2010

DORC Episode 1

Welcome to the first Episode from the Dorchester Online Radio Company. Hopefully you will like it. I apologise for the sound quality, hopefully this will improve.