Sep 29, 2010

DORC Episode 25

Onomatopoeia is today’s Itunes feed word.

Show Notes

ALA Banned Books Week.

Atheists know more about the Bible.

Star Wars in 3D.

woman appears in court charged with obtain sex though fraud.

Brussels has seen a mass protest today.

President Ahmadinejad criticised the double standards of those who attacked his country but failed to stand up for Teresa Lewis

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani may now be hanged instead of stoned to death.

Aliens fiddling with the nuclear missiles.

Oh and more Dr Seuss for the Echo headline.

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Sep 27, 2010

DORC Episode 24

Show Notes.

I have tried to keep my blog and this podcast as separate as possible but this episode is really my blog post from yesterday. You can read it here and it will have all the links in it that you need.

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Sep 23, 2010

DORC Episode 23

Bumbershoot is today’s Itunes word.

Show Notes

New York has been struck by 2 tornadoes.

The US senate votes not to debate “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.”

Are there ghosts in Dorset County Museum?

Investigated by PIT.

Vince Cable's speech to LibDem conference.

Muse voted best cover ever!

Abba sue a Right-Wing Swedish Political party.

Bjorn the secularist and atheists.

The UN Human Rights Council reports on Israel storming the Turkish Aid convey.

Immigrants really did steal their houses,



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Oh and the Echo headline was from Dr Seuss.


Sep 20, 2010

DORC Episode 22

Today’s Itunes feed word is Akimbo.

Show Notes

Protest the Pope.

Fox News Report.



Hindu leader has criticised the Pope for being mean to Atheists.

Other Fox News Report.

(link from DexterXS on Twitter)

Susan Boyle has entered the Guinness book of Records.

Lord Ashcroft is to quit his role as the party’s Deputy Chairman.

Oldest Man on Death Row Dies.

How a Family’s Beloved Pet Came Back from the Dead as a Rock.

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Sep 16, 2010

DORC Episode 21 (Popey Special)

Todays Itunes feed word is Papaphobia

Show Notes.

The Pope lands today in Edinburgh.

The “miracle” of Deacon Jack Sullivan.

Cardinal Walter Kasper says stupid things.

Secularism and Atheism.

Channel 4 News investigation into convicted priests.

BBC accused of “Institutionally Christianophobia”.

And we end with the video for Tim Minchin's Pope Song,


Sep 8, 2010

DORC Episode 20

Donnybrook is today’s Itunes feed word.

Show Notes

The OECD report.

General Petraeus criticises the Dove World Outreach Centre.

The George Soros Conscience elevation plan, as used by Tony Blair.

The Metropolitan Police release new CCTV of Gareth Williams.

World Heavy weight champion David Haye.

Japanese suicide rates.

The Daily Mail Facebook crusade.

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Sep 6, 2010

DORC Episode 19

Show Notes

Run away tractor!

MPs return to Parliament today to discuss AV

77% of Britons don’t think they should not pay for the Popes visit to Britain

The Human Centipede

The Swindon advertiser uses Subbuteo men

Tony Blair has cancelled a planned book signing

England’s Woman Rugby team lost in the World Cup final

England’s woman hockey team


Christian Institute website and the offending website.

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Sep 4, 2010

DORC Episode 18

Show Notes

The Guido Fawkes Blog

Jim Corr’s website


Ian Dale’s Blog and his trouble at the Mail on Sunday

Photobucket Photobucket

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Sep 1, 2010

DORC Episode 17

Collywobbles is today’s word, use it as you see fit.

Show Notes

A man has made a recovery from Locked-in syndrome

Problems for the Australian Vaccination Network, copyright, HCCC and Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing investigation.

Eric Pickles wants signs removed from Towns and Cities.

Deep fried beer

New powers for the Advertising Standards Agency.

And many Tony Blair front pages,


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