Oct 28, 2010

DORC Episode 30

Show Notes

Indonesian tsunami and volcano

British Airways Chairman on Airport Checks.

The post-mortem report into the death of David Kelly.

Number of People who were stop and searched and then charged with any terrorism offence.

Dr Michael Powers

Boy George gets a bit upset.

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Oct 22, 2010

DORC Episode 29

Sesquipedalian is today’s Itunes feed word.


Show Notes.


 Ari Up has died at the age of 48.


Angela Merkel has said that multiculturalism in Germany has utter failed.


Nazi Stolen Art database goes online.


Oakley Sunglass for every Chilean Miner.


Government cuts the armed forces.


 Simon Cowell has signed a deal with ITV.


Christine O'Donnell quotes (perhaps that makes the competition a little easy)


Oct 18, 2010

DORC Episode 28

Show Notes

We are really sorry that we haven’t had a podcast for a while but we have had some technical issues and one or two of them persist hence the sound quality of today’s program.

The program “My Life With Books” is pretty much a blog posting from yesterday (Sunday the 17th of October). You can read the text here.

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Oct 9, 2010

DORC Episode 27

Show Notes

Nobel Prize's for UK based Scientists and here

Vince Cable on Science funding

Science is Vital march

Hipp follow on milk advert banned by ASA

Bad Faith Awards can be made here.


Oct 4, 2010

DORC Episode 26

Show Notes.

UK Charity Commission announced that it will recognise Druidism as a religion for Tax purposes.

Scientology not considered a religion in these countries.

Councillor John Dixon was cleared.

The Ryder Cup.

George Osborne speaks to some Tories.


The Echo headline was again from Dr Seuss.

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