Mar 25, 2011

DORC Episode 49

Kainotophobia is today's Itunes feed word.

Show Notes.

The new road between Weymouth and Dorchester has opened.

The only grumpy people the Echo could find.

Prof Allyson Pollock and David Price's paper published on

The very long list that disagrees with the government on NHS reforms.

The Universe according to Venezuelan president Hugo Chevaz.

Transport safety statistics.

Power generating safety statistics.

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It seems that if I mention other podcasts on here we get a "maybe you would like this one" type of message on the bottom of their pages on Itunes. Well, there is only one thing to do. We really like the Pod Delusion, Skeptics with a K, umm, the Bugle, In Our TIme, Little Atoms, More or Less, Answer Me This. Hope this works. Perhaps it only works if we put them in the tags, might try that later.


Mar 18, 2011

DORC Episode 48 (Consumer Affairs Show)

Epistemophobia is today’s Itunes feed word.

Show Notes

Not so much in the way of notes today just some links,

Righteous Indignation podcast

nightingale Collaboration

Make a complaint.

If you do see claims on websites of miracle cures and any other such bobbins please do complain.

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Mar 11, 2011

DORC Episode 47

Eructation is today’s Itune’s feed word.

Show Notes

Robbers steal 66 pregnant sheep.

Iran sees the word “Zion” in the 2012 Olympic symbol.

Libya slides into civil war.

Gaddafi’s UN speech was in 2009 not 2010 as it says in to news, sorry.

UK broadcasters can now use product placement.

Britain is trying to water down an international agreement (the New Statesman article)

England loose at cricket to Ireland.

Phil Collins has officially announced his retirement from music to a relieved public.

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Mar 5, 2011

DORC Episode 46 A Charity Appeal

Show Notes

So we have returned from our team building exercise in Canada and we can now build a raft using plastic barrels and some planks, useful skills I think you will agree.

Normal podcasting will return soon but this is a one off charity appeal, please listen, empathies and give, thank you.