Aug 25, 2011

DORC Episode 70 Wasting Your Weekend

Show Notes

To be honest I'm pretty sure that noone ever reads these they have to be written as they appear on the Itunes feed,

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Thanks for listening.


Aug 18, 2011

DORC Episode 69 Dude! Mornings With Martyn

What to write in the Itunes feed? Umm, sorry, we couldn't resist the Bill and Ted joke in the title because we are childish. As usual thanks for listening and please tell your friends about us, go on, please xx Full show notes will be available on the website


Aug 11, 2011

DORC Episode 68 A Lecture On Schisms

Ah the Itunes feed. We can pretty much write what we want here, no one cares.

Anyway, todays bit is a thing that wasn't released by the Pod Delusion, we blame their New Humanist overlords.

It doesn't matter really. We should be back next week as nomal. You could go and listen to the Pod Delusion if you like, it's quite good.


Aug 5, 2011

DORC Episode 67 Poetry Corner

Show Notes

We are sorry about the sound quality on this podcast, we shall try and create a version that is better.

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