Nov 29, 2010

DORC Episode 37

Widdershins is today’s Itunes feed word.

Show Notes

Two donkeys have been rescued by firefighters.

Courtney Love is in Dorset.

Actor Leslie Nielson has died at the age of 84.

I’d forgotten about these adverts until Stephen Fry linked to them on Twitter,

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Nov 27, 2010

DORC Episode 36 (In My Humble Opinion Ann Widdecombe Special)

Hemidemisemiquaver is today’s Itunes feed word.

Show Notes

For all necessary referencing you can see here

The New Statesman interview is here and the CiF piece is here

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Nov 24, 2010

DORC Episode 35

The Itunes word is Francolatexphobia

Show Notes

The Pope has said that in some circumstances it is ok for people to use condoms.

A decision welcomed by many campaigners.

The Beatles back catalogue is now available on Itunes.




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Nov 20, 2010

DORC Episode 34 (George W Bush Interview)

Hebetudinous is today’s Itunes feed word.

Show Notes.

This is a special episode in which we interview George W Bush.

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Nov 10, 2010

DORC Episode 33

Cockalorum is the Itunes feed word for the day.

Show Notes.

John Shimkus general ramblings.

The Surrey town of Staines is considering changing its name.

Funny English place names.

Burma has held it first Election in 20 years.

Bush cricket testicles.

The town of Swindon has been decleared Britains stupidest.

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Nov 5, 2010

DORC Episode 32

Koumpounophobia is today's Itunes feed word

Show Notes

The European Court has ruled that Prisoners should be given the right to vote.

French and British military services working very closely together.

America has voted yet again.

Meg Whitman spends $163 million and still looses.

Barack Obama tries to make friends with nice Republican counterparts.

The COBRA committee meets and announces new flight restrictions.

Dorchester's Plaza Cinema.

Illegal worker found at Olympic Sailing Venue at Portland

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Nov 1, 2010

DORC Episode 31

Today's Itunes feed word is Abibliophobia

Show Notes

Ink cartridge bombs flew in the holds of 2 passenger planes.

Eamonn Holmes has launched a tirade against modern TV.

The Charlie Sheen system.

Someone is voted off X-factor (I think I got her/their name wrong in the podcast)

UK scrabble championships have been won by Mikki Nicholson.


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